Tiny watercolor of the pine surrounded pond I saw today. #watercolor

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People, who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to change anything.

-Armin Arlert 

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you can try, but you will never be as sexy as Sandeul

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pairings where they “hate” each other but would be devastated if anything happened to one another aRE MY FUCKING WEAKNESS 

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Foggy Dubai

Picture: This breathtaking view from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, shows a thick blanket of smoggy fog smothering Dubai. The mist almost completely covers the skyscrapers which dominate the skyline.

© Bjoern Lauen/Solent News - Source

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My daughter has chosen the Dark Side

I’m crying.

Every time I encounter this video, I hit replay so many times it’s ridiculous.

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one guacamole is equal to 6.0221415×10²³ guacas

I’m disgusted by my ability to get this joke

one might even call it

avocado’s number

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i wish i was as cool as this guy

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Tuesday Tips - STRAIGHT against CURVES

This principle really helps to create shapes and characters with “points of interest”. The straights move the eye towards the areas of curves, bumps and details. I mostly focused on the silhouettes of the shapes/characters, but the same principles should also be applied to shapes and volumes inside the main shape/volume.


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Sculptures by Livio Scarpella 

My Amp Goes To 11Twitter | Instagram

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As promised, here are some pictures of Lyalya’s first walk outside! Look at the bushy little squirrel tail :D the sandpit was her favorite spot! She was extremely excited and threw sand all over the place

this is a fucking squirrel. this is a fucking squirrel with a cat’s head. who is responsible for this

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Why don’t dogs get to see the world too?

This dog is literally smiling.

Oh my god

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twelve days of snk | day five
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